Daniel Benjamin Miller


… me

Hi, I’m Daniel Benjamin Miller (Dan or D. B. for short). I’m currently an undergraduate student studying philosophy and history at McGill University.

… this site

On this website, I have posted some content related to my hobbies (music, sometimes typesetting, other things), as well as some small bits of material related to my courses.

… getting in touch

If we are friends, you know how to contact me already. Otherwise, the best way to get in touch is in person. I don’t enjoy posting my email address in the open online, but it’s [the name of my domain, without the dot org] at [my domain]. If you need to send messages to my student email, just know that my first name (for McGill email purposes) is the second short version of my name (mentioned above), sans punctuation. Otherwise, my McGill address conforms with the usual format.